Jackson, the Bull

Yes. Our precious baby boy is exploring the darker side of life as a soon to be two year old. We have daily tantrums and throwing of the cereal bowls, followed by either a timeout on the fireplace, quickly rebutted be flailing arms that often brush the mothers ever so delicate cheeks, only to be love-tapped on those tiny chubby hands..., it continues with lots of big crocodile tears and the heart-tugging cry of, "MOMMO...," finished up with hugs and lovins. Only to be repeated several times throughout these never ending days of summer! Double!! And picture this..., a young boy child with a raging temper crawling through out the house a maximum speed, ramming straight into the legs of his mother. HMM?



Did your eyes just just get really wide? Think I have something good to say? Not really, just wanted to make you giggle:)
The Laughlin's are good. Heath sent out apps to residency programs this month. Anxious to see where we will be in July.
Both of our children have been sleeping now for a little over an hour, only after screaming for a little less than an hour! Nice.
Just sitting here thinking I need to do something about my wobbly arms and wishing I didn't have that last cup of coffee! NJ


more to come

I just came home from a long day at the hospital to find this amazing post. Don't worry, you will all be the benefactors of a surprise/retaliation post to come...

Just say NO

This must be the month for Free Trials from the WWW. Let me just say in a round about way, "It is not worth the hassle or your time!" After just $4.99, 20 minutes of waiting on hold, another 20 minutes of fighting with "Jason Samuel" to cancel my order, 7 minutes of waiting on hold for "Jason Samuel's" supervisor (He told me it would be 1 hour), and another 20 minutes of arguing with "Jason Samuel" when his computer mysteriously started working again, I am the proud new owner of some Acai Berry Supplements!!!!! NJ I learned so much from this experience and after that phone call, I felt I was so revved up that I should have gone on the O'Reilly Factor!

OK, here is the best thing. Heath signed up for a free trial for a teeth whitening system.

Hey, yo!


"B-52. B-52. Hut, hut, HIKE!"

Great Grandma Ethel

This is my Great Grandma, Ethel. Sunday was her 100th Birthday. Can you believe that? I think it is so awesome. She has lived through the Great Depression and 5 wars. She plays guitar and loves dancing and Country music. She looks amazing for 100. Can't really see very well anymore, and she kept calling me Vicki, but other than that she is the picture of health. I hope her genes were passed down to us!

Jack Tate

So, last night we had family hair cuts. I just had to post this picture of Jackson. He was so handsome. He is such a good boy for his hair cuts!